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Blue Matcha


Blue Matcha

Relish our fresh and globally influenced cuisines that are bound to open your mind and introduce new sensations to your taste buds. With inspirations from around the world, our Executive Chef Ridwan has carefully curated an ensemble of flavor mash-ups that will suit every palate and leave an incredibly satisfying aftertaste.

Indulge your body with meals packed with flavors and nutrients that will not only be fulfilling, but also nourish you and make you feel amazing throughout your holiday. We cater to all personal dietary requirements, so you can maintain your regimen away from home. Plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free—you name it, we have it, all day long! To ensure the freshness of your meals, we only use locally sourced organic ingredients.

Staying hydrated is essential to survive this tropical island. Replenish yourself with the many beverage choices available on our menu, from hot and cold drinks to purified water and fresh fruit juice.

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